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The Voice of Canada’s Investment Funds Industry

The Investment Funds Institute of Canada

The Investment Funds Institute of Canada

We are:

  • A meeting place where industry and policy makers connect
  • An authoritative voice
  • Known for our leadership
  • Trusted for our expertise
  • Dedicated to a strong stable investment sector where investors can realize their financial goals.

IFIC members represent all facets of the investment funds industry – fund managers, distributors and the many professional and back office firms that support the sector.

Our principle role is to advocate on behalf of the industry and its investors – ensuring their voices are heard by regulators and public policy makers considering the framework of rules that govern investment funds.

IFIC is uniquely placed to deliver on its responsibilities. As a member-driven member-led organization, our positions can be relied upon to reflect the views of a majority of industry members – and to be based on solid independent research and objective professional opinion.

We serve as an information-sharing body for the industry, helping to ensure that members have the knowledge, tools, and guidance they need to comply with changing requirements.

We understand that future growth and prosperity of the industry will be determined by how well we fulfil the interests and earn the confidence of Canada’s investors.