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Research Reports

Fact-based independent research is fundamental to IFIC’s approach to policy and advocacy. Each year, we commission reports from some of Canada’s most respected think tanks, research houses and industry analysts.

Reports range from detailed economic analyses to investor research. They explore topical issues with the intention of providing regulators and public policy makers with authoritative input.

Through IFIC’s partnerships with highly-regarded organizations known for the integrity of their research methodologies, policy makers and regulators can have confidence in the reliability of IFIC reports.

Featured Documents

Global Regulatory Developments in Investor Protection (May 2018)
(May 31, 2018)

IFIC Brondesbury Group Investor Survey – Anatomy of Advice (November 2017)

The survey aims to understand what financial services clients mean by "advice" and how this may evolve and differ under a variety of circumstances.

(February 28, 2018)

IFIC Pollara Investor Survey (November 2017)

The 12th wave of Pollara's telephone survey of mutual fund investors in Canada. The study was initiated to better understand Canadian mutual fund holders, to identify their attitudes, opinions, needs, expectations and behaviours and to track these over time.

(November 22, 2017)

Monitoring Trends in Mutual Fund Cost of Ownership and Expense Ratios: September 2017 Update

This report provides a comprehensive assessment of the full cost of owning mutual funds in Canada and the United States. 2017 update to the 2012 study by Strategic Insight.

(October 4, 2017)

Economic Impact Assessment of Banning Embedded Commissions in the Sale of Mutual Funds - PwC
(July 5, 2017)

Advice and the Modest Investor: A Canadian Perspective
(June 7, 2017)

CIRANO - The Gamma Factor and the Value of Financial Advice – Summary of Findings

In August 2016, the Center for Interuniversity Research and Analysis of Organizations (CIRANO) released its latest publication by Claude Montmarquette and Nathalie Viennot-Briot examining the value of financial advice. This document provides a summary of findings.

(March 15, 2017)

IFIC Pollara Investor Survey (September 2016)
(September 15, 2016)

Investor Economics - Analysis of Factors Influencing Fund Flows - September 2015
(December 4, 2015)

IFIC Pollara Investor Survey (October 2015)
(October 16, 2015)

2015 Update - Monitoring Trends in Mutual Fund Cost of Ownership and Expense Ratios - A Canada - U.S. Perspective

May 2015 Update to the 2012 study by Investor Economics and Strategic Insight

(June 9, 2015)

Quebec’s Mutual Fund Industry: Assessing the Economic Footprint - Institut du Québec (June 3, 2015)
(June 3, 2015)

Money Management Matters: Assessing the Economic Footprint of Ontario’s Funds Industry - Conference Board of Canada (November 20, 2014)
(November 20, 2014)

Boosting Retirement Readiness and the Economy through Financial Advice - Conference Board of Canada (September 22, 2014)

Research report on the economic impact of a potential increase use of financial advice

(September 22, 2014)

Paying for Advice - Why Options are Important
(August 29, 2014)

Mutual Fund Industry Economic Footprint - Conference Board of Canada (October 7, 2013)
(October 7, 2013)

IFIC Pollara Investor Survey (October 2013)
(September 25, 2013)

Comparative Summary Paper - A Canada-US Perspective (November 2012)
(November 1, 2012)

US Study - Perspectives on the Evolution of the US Fund Industry and Shareholders' Total Costs of Ownership (November 2012)
(November 1, 2012)

New Evidence on the Value of Financial Advice (November 2012)
(November 1, 2012)