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Enhanced Financial Reporting to the CRA – for the Common Reporting Standard and Financial Account Tax Compliance Act December

Information to increase your understanding of the CRS and FATCA

"It's your money. Find out more." – A Toolkit for Dealers and Advisors (November 2017)

The Investment Funds Institute of Canada has created this toolkit to help advisors engage with clients about the new information investors will receive about the performance of their investments and the fees they paid to their dealer under the initiative known as “CRM2”. The materials in this toolkit were created to encourage investors to open their statements and read the new information.

New research: Investor awareness is rising

Investment Fund IFRS Toolkit (November 2017)

2017 Operations Day Agenda

New Report: Mutual Fund Costs Declining

2017 Annual Conference - The Trump Doctrine and The Disorder to Come - Peter Zeihan

CFIQ 12th Compliance Conference Sponsorship Package 2018

Empowering the Industry to Meet Investors’ Needs

2017 Annual Leadership Conference Agenda