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Investor Research

The opinions and attitudes of Canadian investors help shape many of IFIC’s policy positions.

Every year since 2006 we have sponsored a survey by the independent research firm, Pollara, of approximately 5,500 Canadian mutual fund and exchange-traded fund investors on everything from their confidence in funds to help them meet their investment goals to how much money they first invested.

The important insights gleaned from the results help us to understand the possible impact on investors of proposed regulations and to share that knowledge with our stakeholders.

We also seek credible, unbiased research from other third-party sources, some of which is included below.


IFIC Brondesbury Group Investor Survey – Anatomy of Advice (November 2017)

The survey aims to understand what financial services clients mean by "advice" and how this may evolve and differ under a variety of circumstances.

IFIC Pollara Investor Survey (September 2016)