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Performance Reporting & Cost Disclosure

The mutual funds industry believes that providing investors with reader-friendly, comprehensive reporting and disclosure are fundamental to the development of better-informed investors. Working together, Canada’s regulators and mutual funds industry are in the process of implementing major changes to the reports that investors receive.

As of 2016, investors will know, in dollar amounts, all of the costs associated with each of their accounts. On the performance side, they’ll see how well their investment has performed in dollar terms since they started to invest and their percentage rate of return over several time periods.

IFIC has provided significant input to the industry’s regulators throughout the rule making process. There will be a substantial amount of work required to implement these improvements. IFIC through its member committees is actively engaged in analyzing the requirements, obtaining clarifications from regulators where necessary and helping to inform members on what will be needed to fulfil their obligations under these new requirements.


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