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Financial Literacy

The investment funds industry stands at the forefront of the country’s efforts to increase Canadians’ financial knowledge and to develop positive economic behaviours.

As a product largely delivered through advisors, the industry helps improve individuals’ financial literacy and develop life-long savings habits through the day-to-day knowledge transfer that takes place during advisor-investor conversations.  Understanding that it is never too early to instill basic financial literacy knowledge, we work actively with provincial ministries of education to help develop financial literacy curricula.   Individual firms are actively engaged in innovative partnerships that fill existing needs while IFIC works to forge financial literacy partnerships with regulators, consumer groups, and investor education groups, including new initiatives to help recognize and address the needs of potentially vulnerable clients.


IFIC Submission - Financial Consumer Agency of Canada - Consultation on Financial Literacy, Phase 3 (January 23, 2015)

IFIC response to FCAC consultation: Towards a National Strategy for Financial Literacy, Phase 3 Adults and Children

IFIC Response - Public Comment on the IOSCO Strategic Framework for Investor Education and Financial Literacy (July 24, 2014)

IFIC Submission - FCAC (Jane Rooney) - National Strategy for Financial Literacy - Phase 1 - Strengthening Seniors Financial Literacy (July 18, 2014)