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Mutual Fund Fees

Mutual fund fees are more transparent and regulated than those of any other financial product in Canada. Fees are fully disclosed and reported as a total amount, usually including the cost of advice, and net of returns, so the investor knows the real return and the real cost. Investors in other countries, such as the U.S., may have to tally management, trading, advisor and other hidden costs to calculate their returns.

Canada’s comprehensive approach to fees reporting has led, on occasion, to Canadian funds being inaccurately characterized as costing more than those in other countries, specifically the U.S. Recent independent analysis shows this is not the case and that when all costs are included, advised Canadian mutual fund investors pay similar amounts to advised U.S. investors.

These competitively priced, built-in fees are another reflection of the pooling principle behind mutual funds and make advice affordable and readily available to all investors, regardless of account size.

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